• 1.1. it's easier now
  • 1.2. everything should try again
  • 1.3. alone with the owl
  • 1.4. don't it look like rain
  • 1.5. some things never try
  • 1.6. it must be raining there forever
  • 1.7. get out get out get out
  • 1.8. it costs you nothing
  • 1.9. let me go let me go let me go

molina, jason

let me go, let me go


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I wanted badly to revisit the type of songs I did on my more experimental albums The Pyramid, The Ghost, and Protection Spells. I put this project together in the last days before I began what was a long and harrowing move back to Chicago. I wrote these songs as well as the half dozen or so that did not make it over the course of 3 mornings in Bloomington, Indiana and recorded them one after the other in the order they were written. All of this is an attempt to put a serious price on lyrics that are honest not witty, shy but not weak, weary if they are and sad without apology, depression without a fight and depression with a fight.