• 1.1. whisper away
  • 1.2. shadow answers the wall
  • 1.3. the mission's end
  • 1.4. old worry
  • 1.5. she says
  • 1.6. fire on the rail
  • 1.7. be told the truth
  • 1.8. thistle blue
  • 1.9. the crossroad + the emptiness

molina, jason

eight gates -ltd. red splash vinyl-


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Sometime in 2006 or 2007, Jason Molina moved from the midwest to London. Separated from his bandmates and friends and never one for idleness, Molina explored his new home with fervor. Sometimes he'd head out on foot, often with no destination in mind. Other times, he'd pick a random tube stop and find his way back home. He'd pick up on arcane trivia about London's rich history, and if the historical factoids weren't available - or weren't quite to his liking - Molina was quite comfortable conjuring his own history. His adoration of The Great American Tall Tales like John Henry and Paul Bunyan's blue ox Babe stretched across the Atlantic, where he created his own personal Tall Tales. And when he learned of the London Wall's seven gates (itself a ... read more