• 1.1. honeymoon at hell
  • 1.2. addams family
  • 1.3. teenage werewolf
  • 1.4. surfing at the t.h.u.n.-sea
  • 1.5. real monster theme
  • 1.6. rosemary mc coy
  • 1.7. the devil in your dreams
  • 1.8. whisky song
  • 1.9. snake out
  • 1.10. wilma
  • 1.11. i love my car
  • 1.12. psycho's what you need
  • 1.13. wild thing

monsters, the



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the Monsters where formed in Bern Switzerland back in 1986 , they recorded 'MASKS' as their 1st Album in 1989, a year after they released a EP called 'nightmares'. After many shows in Switzerland they decided to go to LUZERN in the SCHWEINESOUND STUDIOS to record a Full Lenght and spend 3 DAYS RECORDING it and was 1ST LP RELEASED on Bernese Record Label and Shop 'RECORD JUNKIE RECORDS' in a edition of 666 records, they where sold out pretty fast and never reprinted again, record junkie stopped releaseing records after a couple years of existence , Beat-Man was working at record Junkie in the Shop so when it collapsed he formed Voodoo Rhythm records and after 24 jears of silence and hours in the Cellar digging trou original 2" Master Tapes and ... read more