• 1.1. hurt feelings
  • 1.2. sugalumps
  • 1.3. we're both in love with a sexy lady
  • 1.4. i told you i was freaky
  • 1.5. demon woman
  • 1.6. rambling through the avenues of time
  • 1.7. fashion is danger
  • 1.8. petrov, yelyena and me
  • 1.9. too many dicks (on the dance floor)
  • 1.10. you don't have to be a prostitute
  • 1.11. friends
  • 1.12. carol brown
  • 1.13. angels

flight of the conchords

i told you i was freaky (light green vinyl)

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Sub Pop proudly presents the Flight Of The Conchords' second album 'I Told You I Was Freaky' re-pressed on LIMITED LIGHT GREEN COLOURED VINYL for Europe! Vinyl version: embossed gatefold sleeve, 8 page color booklet with lyrics and guitar chords, custom dust sleeve and labels and a 24"x24" poster of the complete artwork that was used for the album cover! While Flight of the Conchords first hammered out their reputation from behind the relative safety of acoustic guitars, blithely billed as a "folk comedy" act, nowadays their musical style runs rampant, unchecked. Judging from the range displayed on their sophomore album I Told You I Was Freaky, Flight of the Conchords have yet to unearth a genre which can withstand their artistry. Unflinching in ... read more