• 1.1. need
  • 1.2. chain that door
  • 1.3. mud ride
  • 1.4. no one has
  • 1.5. if i think
  • 1.6. in 'n out of grace
  • 1.7. touch me i'm sick
  • 1.8. sweet young thing ain't sweet no more
  • 1.9. twenty four
  • 1.10. hate the police
  • 1.11. you got it (keep it out my face)
  • 1.12. burn it clean
  • 1.13. halloween


superfuzz bigmuff (mc)


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Packaging: 4-panel J-card and yellow cassette in a clear box Mudhoney's blistering 1988 debut EP and a slew of early singles proudly - violently, even - shove their way back to the cassette format. Revisit, or visit for the first time, the anthems that fucked up a generation on this hot new old format! Lead singer and all-around grunge legend Mark Arm himself says "Cassettes are the new CDR!"