• 1.1. generation genocide
  • 1.2. let it slide
  • 1.3. good enough
  • 1.4. something so clear
  • 1.5. thorn
  • 1.6. into the drink
  • 1.7. broken hands
  • 1.8. who you drivin' now
  • 1.9. move out
  • 1.10. shoot the moon
  • 1.11. fuzzgun '91
  • 1.12. pokin' around
  • 1.13. don't fade iv
  • 1.14. check out time


every good boy deserves fudge (mc)


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Packaging: 4-panel J-card and red cassette in a clear box Mudhoney's second album, originally released in 1991, is now, due to (our hopes of) popular demand, back on cassette. Many who consider "grunge" a genre feel this album is one of its definitive statements. Regardless of all that, if catchy, fuzz-drenched, sardonically fun punk rock is your thing, this cassette will surely satisfy. Mudhoney's lead singer Mark Arm says "I'm looking forward to playing this on my brand new Nakamichi 5.1 Surround cassette deck!" And so should you!