• 1.1. ann's jam
  • 1.2. elena
  • 1.3. effort
  • 1.4. rav-4
  • 1.5. it takes time
  • 1.6. apart
  • 1.7. half-hearted
  • 1.8. split
  • 1.9. drown
  • 1.10. pissed pants

chastity belt

chastity belt (mc)

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Chastity Belt talks a lot about intention these days-how to be more present with each other. The four piece-Julia Shapiro (vocals, guitar, drums), Lydia Lund (vocals, guitar), Gretchen Grimm (drums, vocals, guitar) and Annie Truscott (bass)-is nine years deep in this, after all. It seems now, more than ever, that circuit is a movement of intentionality, one that creates a space inside which they can be themselves, among themselves. It's a space where the euphoria of making music with your best friends is protected from the outside world's churning expectations. It's a kind of safe zone for the band to occupy as their best selves: a group of friends who love each other. Their fourth record, Chastity Belt, comes out of that safe space. After a ... read more