• 1.1. different now
  • 1.2. caught in a lie
  • 1.3. this time of night
  • 1.4. stuck
  • 1.5. complain
  • 1.6. it's obvious
  • 1.7. what the hell
  • 1.8. something else
  • 1.9. used to spend
  • 1.10. 5 am

chastity belt

i used to spend... (mc)

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Chastity Belt's second full-length for Hardly Art Produced and mixed by Matthew Simms of Wire. US tour forthcoming in Summer 2016 Serviced to all major press outlets + college radio Full album download included with LPs Bonus tracks included on CD and LP A few years ago, while in a tour van somewhere in Idaho, the members of Chastity Belt-Julia Shapiro, Gretchen Grimm, Lydia Lund, and Annie Truscott-opted to pass the time in a relatively unusual fashion: They collectively paid one another compliments, in great and thoughtful detail. This is what we like best about you, this is why we love you. I think of that image all the time, the four of them opening themselves up like that, by choice. It's hard to imagine other bands doing the same. But ... read more