• 1.1. rise
  • 1.2. pov piti
  • 1.3. song for eulalie
  • 1.4. kersalia
  • 1.5. libation for mr. brown: bid em in...
  • 1.6. lulla/bye
  • 1.7. i am
  • 1.8. how much would you cost?

roberts, matana

coin coin chapter one: gens de...


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...de Couleur Libre Matana Roberts (pronounced mah-tah-nah) is one of the leading lights of contemporary African-American experimental music, combining her widely recognized gifts as an alto saxophone player and improviser with an intensely engaged re-definition of American Jazz traditions. Matana's COIN COIN project is the centerpiece of this engagement and re-definition: a multi-chapter work that combines conceptual scoring (graphic notation, 'chance' strategies), storytelling and historical narrative, performative theatre (personae, costume, multi-media), and a deeply considered channeling of personal ancestry and the 'universal' experience of Africans in America. Most of all, COIN COIN represents some of the most honest and compelling work - ... read more