• 1.1. nothing at all
  • 1.2. present tense
  • 1.3. first time favourites
  • 1.4. my style, my substance
  • 1.5. pen name
  • 1.6. cellophane car
  • 1.7. better than before
  • 1.8. the spy
  • 1.9. entropy
  • 1.10. switched on
29. März 2019
Genre: Indie

stroppies, the

woosh -limited coloured edition-

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Limited white vinyl ! RIYL: Guided by Voices, Pavement, Terry, The Chills, The Clean, The Verlaines. Whoosh is The Stroppies first proper debut album and breezes along with boundless energy, a refrained pop strut, infectious grooves and the sort of jangling guitar melodies that sound like a prime-era Flying Nun band. The Melbourne-based band formed together around a kitchen table in 2016 with a heavy focus around the essence of collaboration and a DIY ethos. After a home recorded cassette release "Whoosh" is their proper studio debut. It's a record that possesses all the spunk and gusto of a young band hurtling forward yet also knowing when to take their foot off the accelerator. It's an album that simultaneously feels young and fresh but wise beyond ... mehr lesen