• 1.1. gravity is stern
  • 1.2. go ahead
  • 1.3. no joke
  • 1.4. under your sweater
  • 1.5. courtesy calls
  • 1.6. celebration day
  • 1.7. all the lines
03. November 2017
Genre: Indie

stroppies, the

the stroppies

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Über diesen Artikel

MLP - 200 copies on black vinyl. Starting out as a recording project between Angus Lord, Claudia Serfaty and Stephanie Hughes, the germ of what would eventually become the Stroppies was formed around a kitchen table in Melbourne in early 2016. The initial idea was to create open ended music, collaged quickly and haphazardly together on a Tascam 4 track Portastudio that drew on stream of consciousness creativity and a DIY attitude. The desire to move beyond the pre programmed drum patterns available on their Casio Keyboard led to the addition of Rory Heane on drums and a more conventional band dynamic. In Late 2016, Alex Macfarlane recorded the band in their lounge room direct to 4 track, capturing 7 songs that would become their 2017 self titled ... mehr lesen