07. Oktober 2011
Genre: Indie

oneida / mugstar

collisions 02

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Über diesen Artikel

For millions of years a signal emitted earthbound. It had circled the heavens, awaiting a moment of destiny that might never come. Now the long wait is ending, an ancient experiment is about to reach it's climax.... time we left this world today. This isolated event observes The People of the Upright Stone: New York's ONEIDA and Liverpool's MUGSTAR exert overdriven oscillating forces on an interstellar trip of humming ohm amps and shifting clusters where time shuttles flickering back and forth between eons. Explore the second in the Rocket Recordings odyssean collisions series; mission operations "Collisions 02" and joyride this twin engine release, immersing yourself wide eyed with dilated pupils into this starry firmament. The proceedings lift off ... mehr lesen