• 1.1. unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 1.2. all i can give ya
  • 1.3. hold on
  • 1.4. y'make me shake
  • 1.5. come out, come out
  • 1.6. nation of two
  • 1.7. bulldozer of love
  • 1.8. ass worship
29. September 2006
Genre: Indie

lullabye arkestra

amp grave

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Über diesen Artikel

180g Vinyl! Lullabye Arkestra are a bass and drum duo who've been playing and self-releasing glorious slabs of distorto-soul for many years. Formed in Toronto by Justin (drums) and Katia (bass), the Ark has played shows as a duo and as a large band, adding horns, voices and organ. Their slow, swampy, overdriven cover of "Summertime" was an early signature tune, along with a clutch of original rave-ups ranging from one-minute combustions of riffage and hollering to longer, fuzzed-out R&B numbers, often marked by sincere but sassy boy/girl call-and-response vocals.