• 1.1. by the sea
  • 1.2. the late great cassiopia
  • 1.3. our lady in havana
  • 1.4. lazy may
  • 1.5. southern states
  • 1.6. julia
  • 1.7. old dominion
  • 1.8. sorry river
  • 1.9. chartiers
  • 1.10. whetherman
  • 1.11. the boo hoo boy
  • 1.12. berlin

essex green, the

the long goodbye

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- White Vinyl. - First time pressed to vinyl - Limited to 1k - LP3 coupon for full album download & three rare digital bonus tracks The Essex Green are a neo-psychedelic pop outfit from Brooklyn, NY, via Burlington, VT. The band is primarily composed of songwriters Jeff Baron, Sasha Bell, and Chris Ziter and specializes in a classic sound inspired by 1960s-1970s pop and folk in the tradition of bands like The Left Banke and Fairport Convention. Celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2018, The Long Goodbye, second album in the Essex Green discography is pressed to limited edition white vinyl and available here for the the first time on LP. The album includes a full download plus three rare digital bonus tracks: "The Boo Hoo Boy Reprise," "Mendocino," and ... mehr lesen