• 1.1. this isn't farmlife
  • 1.2. don't know why (you stay)
  • 1.3. penny & jack
  • 1.4. snakes in the grass
  • 1.5. rue de lis
  • 1.6. cardinal points
  • 1.7. rabbit
  • 1.8. uniform
  • 1.9. the pride
  • 1.10. sin city
  • 1.11. elsinore
  • 1.12. slope song
20. Juli 2018
Label: MERGE
Genre: Indie

essex green, the

cannibal sea


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Über diesen Artikel

- Blue Vinyl. - First time pressed to vinyl. - Limited to 1k. - LP3 coupon for full album download & three rare digital bonus tracks. "We're not breaking any records yet" is the opening line from "This Isn't Farmlife," the first track from The Essex Green's fourth outing, Cannibal Sea. Perhaps they were feeling like they had nothing to lose with this album, so why not raise the flag with a shrug? Ironically, they came out firing on all cylinders with renewed focus and musical precision. While previous releases tended towards the Brian Wilson approach of utilizing the full studio and all the attendant aural tricks, on Cannibal Sea, the band sounds like a cohesive live unit. And the "hits" are numerous: "This Isn't Farmlife" wears a mod stomp skinny ... mehr lesen