• 1.1. go out and get 'em, boy!
  • 1.2. (the moment before) everything's spoiled again
  • 1.3. once more
  • 1.4. at the edge of the sea
  • 1.5. living and learning
  • 1.6. this boy can wait
  • 1.7. you should always keep in touch with your friends
  • 1.8. felicity
  • 1.9. what becomes of the broken hearted?
  • 1.10. never said
  • 1.11. every mother's son
  • 1.12. my favourite dress

wedding present, the

tommy 30 (lp+cd)


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George Best became The Wedding Present's first album in 1988. But Tommy - released one year later - was made up of the early songs from the singles and radio sessions that had catapulted them from being bedsit musicians into indie darlings: 'Go Out And Get 'Em, Boy!' with its purposefully super fast guitars, 'You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends' - an anthem for those long time Wedding Present fans, 'My Favourite Dress' - the only single in the collection that ended up on George Best - the classic, fraught tale of losing one's first love that perfectly played on the heart strings and began David Gedge's legacy of understanding everyone's heartbreak. Tommy 30 - a brand new re-recording of Tommy - did not come about simply as a 'follow on' ... read more