• 1.1. sequence one
  • 1.2. mistake a stranger
  • 1.3. energy
  • 1.4. last warmth of the day
  • 1.5. the willo
  • 1.6. jolt awake
  • 1.7. mechanism
  • 1.8. strangulation day
  • 1.9. you make me forget myself
  • 1.10. charlie's house
  • 1.11. move through the dark
25. Januar 2019
Genre: Indie


happy in the hollow -limited coloured edition-


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Limited to 1000 copies on "Behind Blue Eyes" vinyl and exclusive to Indie stores only. Happy In The Hollow is the fourth album from TOY, and their first for new label Tough Lough Records, it's unquestionably their most direct and propulsive album to date. Recorded between their own home tape studios and mixed at Dan Carey's Studio B in South London, the album was entirely produced and mixed by the band. Happy In The Hollow is entirely uncompromising: an atmospheric capturing of a state of mind that touches on Post Punk, electronic dissonance, acid folk and Krautrock. Familiar qualities like metronomic rhythms, warping guitars, undulating synths and Tom's gentle, reedy vocals are all in there, but so is a greater emphasis on melody, a wider scope, and ... read more