• 1.1. hawk
  • 1.2. coyote
  • 1.3. dominance
  • 1.4. breaking weight
  • 1.5. queen of cups
  • 1.6. longing
  • 1.7. first quarter moon
  • 1.8. kinship
  • 1.9. ocean
  • 1.10. sea ice
10. Mai 2019
Genre: Indie

she keeps bees

kinship -ltd. colored vinyl-

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A meditative and endlessly turning clutch of songs, She Keeps Bees' Kinship reasserts the band`s elegant power in a stream of loss and regeneration. With Larrabee and Andy LaPlant`s first album in four years, She Keeps Bees peels away their distorted guitars and fills the void with hypnotic organ, keyboards, strings, a tight bed of drum grooves, and a direct lyricism full of with wisdom and intention, emerging through Jessica Larrabee`s focused, empowered voice. Kinship is an album that radiates its messages with deft knowledge and immeasurable strength.