• 1.1. cult of love
  • 1.2. evil blooms
  • 1.3. rimbaud eyes
  • 1.4. are you okay?
  • 1.5. too true to be good
  • 1.6. in the wake of you
  • 1.7. lost boys & girls club
  • 1.8. little minx
  • 1.9. under these hands
  • 1.10. trouble is my name.

dum dum girls

too true


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"In the summer of 2012, between tours supporting "End of Daze", I locked out the world and sat down in my apartment to write a new record - clear view of the New York City sky through iron bars like a promise. Like all compulsive minds, I was waiting to let the muse loose. And so I spent the next week in a sparkling haze, and when I emerged from the frenzy to go back on tour, indeed ten new songs came with. They were bound together, not just by an overall sonic palette and new guitar pedal, but by time, intention, and fervor. Do you hear Suede? Siouxie? Cold-wave Patti? Madonna? Cure? Velvet and Paisley Undergrounds? Stone Roses? Cuz I did. Still later, in November 2012, I returned to Hollywood to record among the lingering Pet Sounds at East West ... read more