• 1.1. depersonalised
  • 1.2. fill the void
  • 1.3. you i never knew
  • 1.4. come down
  • 1.5. pay for strangers
  • 1.6. hell / happy
  • 1.7. prescription
  • 1.8. like a drone
  • 1.9. winter's gone
30. Januar 2015
Label: FELTE
Genre: Indie

nite fields



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Like the chorus on "Come Down" that makes the downward trajectory sound ornate and beautiful, the debut LP, Depersonalisation, from Nite Fields is sparse and cold yet inviting and intimate at the same time. The results are rich with character-full sounds. Deftly crafted and sonically diverse, within the nine tracks you'll find noisy percussion, jangly guitars, potent bass and hypnotic synthesizers, all polished with producer Nigel Yang's (of HTRK fame) signature electronic sheen. Poetic and personal, you need only to listen to the record's lyrics and atmosphere to understand where the title Depersonalisation comes from. Recurring themes include disassociation of reality and dissipation of love, with Venzin's understated and at times unsettling vocal ... read more