• 1.1. panzerschokolade
  • 1.2. atom smasher
  • 1.3. late heavy bombardment
  • 1.4. bodyhead
  • 1.5. blind love
  • 1.6. the edifice
  • 1.7. see you later
  • 1.8. do you remember
  • 1.9. legal ghost
  • 2.1. not something
  • 2.2. ghost tape number ten
  • 2.3. via duende
  • 2.4. chance rules
  • 2.5. mk ultra
  • 2.6. is it that bad?
  • 2.7. the miller's daughter
  • 2.8. oculus
  • 2.9. space meets the floor
27. April 2018
Label: BANG!
Genre: Indie

bong odyssey

gareth liddiard & rui pereira. recordings 1993-98


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What was before THE DRONES and even before THE GUTTERVILLE EXPLENDOUR SIX? This!!!! Gareth Liddiard and Rui Pereira seeding the seed of noise and distortion in the period 1994-1998 in this project which recorded this never before released brutal album of what is 100% THE DRONES sound!!!! Don't miss it, this is a very good advice. "Bong Odyssey is a bunch of stuff Rui and myself recorded in the mid-nineties after we left high school. We were total music nerds into stuff like Suicide, Hüsker Dü, Psychic TV, Merzbow, Big Black, lots of free jazz, Stravinsky and all sorts of weird shit. We lived in Perth which meant we didn't have many friends into the same stuff so we just worked at our jobs then came home and smoked weed, took acid and everything ... read more