• 1.1. does you heart go boom
  • 1.2. so in love with you
  • 1.3. yeah yeah we're helen love
  • 1.4. put your foot on the fuzzbox baby
  • 1.5. long live the uk music scene
  • 1.6. sunburst super kay
  • 1.7. great in formula one
  • 1.8. shifty disco girl
  • 1.9. king of kung fu
  • 1.10. leader of the pack
  • 1.11. jump up and down
  • 1.12. atomic beat boy
  • 1.13. big pink candyfloss haircut
  • 1.14. does your heart go boom (cuban boys remix)
  • 1.15. number one fantastic day

helen love

radio hits 3


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The third installment of the very popular "Radio Hits" series, this one features all their "Che" releases including the hits "Does Your Heart Go Boom" and "Long Live The UK Music Scene". This album also features a rare remix by John Peel faves "The Cuban Boys" and a completely unreleased track "Number On". They are currently in the studio putting their finishing touches to their next album which will be released in early summer and will be supported by a pan-european tour. Helen also has a duet with Joey Ramone on his recently released posthumous solo album.