• 1.1. first fires (feat. grey reverend)
  • 1.2. emkay
  • 1.3. cirrus
  • 1.4. heaven for the sinner (feat. erykah badu)
  • 1.5. sapphire
  • 1.6. jets
  • 1.7. towers (feat. szjerdene)
  • 1.8. don't wait
  • 1.9. know you
  • 1.10. antenna
  • 1.11. ten tigers
  • 1.12. transits (feat. szjerdene)
  • 1.13. pieces (feat. cornelia)
29. März 2013
Genre: Elektro


the north borders

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The story of Bonobo is one that's become uncommon in contemporary music. There was no sudden, viral internet sensation, no one-off big hit, no abrupt, accidental alignment with the zeitgeist. Instead, over the course of four albums, myriad tours, singles, remixes and production work for other artists, he quietly but very definitely became one of the most important artists in electronic music. The hard work paid off, and culminated in 2010's 'Black Sands,' a masterful album that married Green's inimitable melodic genius and musicianship to bleeding edge electronics, bass and infectious drums. After a year plus of touring the hypnotic, extended live versions of Black Sands, he finally found time last year to embed himself in his New York studio and ... read more