• 1.1. bottoms up
  • 1.2. discotheque
  • 1.3. adam and steve
  • 1.4. charger
  • 1.5. mountain man
  • 1.6. the wild brunch
  • 1.7. herbivores
  • 1.8. farewell
03. Oktober 2014
Genre: Metal


adam & steve


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Über diesen Artikel

Swiss noisemongers KRUGER are about to (finally) release brand new studio material this fall, after four albums which got them on stage (almost) all over the world. Back on track with a new guitar player, after a tour with Gojira last year and armed with thirteen years of noise expertise, the quintet is ready to unleash « Adam and Steve ». Produced by the band and mixed by Cult of Luna's Magnus Lindberg, « Adam and Steve » continues KRUGER's tasty and unique mix of Entombed, Converge, Breach and Tool, which has established them as one of Europe's prime noise metal or post-metal acts. When KRUGER started playing music in 2001, they were met with complete indifference. First album « Built For Speed » and 2nd release « Cattle Truck » caught the ... mehr lesen