• 1.1. [creature_moans_in_pain]
  • 1.2. mandoorhandhookcardoor
  • 1.3. no dude...he still likes to spray
  • 1.4. possible futures in the minds of children
  • 1.5. kevin fell down the lube well...the perfect trap...gg kevin
  • 1.6. what's the bp2bb?
  • 1.7. cincinnatically speaking...
  • 1.8. take the flesh, make it stretchy
  • 1.9. living off the corpse of the old world
  • 1.10. sassafras manasses ass
  • 1.11. when you yell at me, make sure it hurts my feelings
  • 1.12. 40,000 jobs for a cowboy & counting
27. September 2019
Genre: Metal

.gif from god


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Über diesen Artikel

Though long-time residents of Virginia's storied screamo and DIY scene, the Richmond-based collective known as .gif from god have embedded themselves within the system of hardcore punk and extreme metal, spreading an encrypted message of social injustice and impending collapse. Solidifying their line-up in late 2017, .gif from god describe themselves as "serious yet playful", practicing a cold, calculating blend of grind and metalcore absurdity designed to act as a vehicle for their ominous propaganda. On their upcoming Prosthetic debut, a 12-song album titled approximation_of_a_human , the Virginians demonstrate a surgical command of their ruthless and chaotic sound. The album was recorded and mixed at Viva Studios by Matt Michel, and mastered by ... mehr lesen