• 1.1. kissing the lipless
  • 1.2. mine's not a high horse
  • 1.3. so says i
  • 1.4. youg pilgrims
  • 1.5. saint simon
  • 1.6. fighting in a sack
  • 1.7. pink bullets
  • 1.8. turn a square
  • 1.9. gone for good
  • 1.10. those to come

shins, the

chutes too narrow (mc)

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Sub Pop re-release the 3 CLASSIC Shins albums on the format du jour; the MAGNECTIC TAPE! CASSETTE! MC! TAPE CASSETTE! WHAT HAVE YOU! Firstly Sub Pop proudly presents Oh, Inverted World, the debut album by hit-makers The Shins, on cassette for the first time ever. We expect this hot new format to significantly increase the album's sales total. Then secondly Sub Pop proudly presents Chutes Too Narrow, the second album by The Shins, also on cassette for the first time ever. Chutes Too Narrow originally came out in 2003. Then thirdly the Shins' third album, Wincing the Night Away, finally makes its debut on the much-lauded cassette format. Wincing the Night Away was released in 2007 on vinyl, compact disc, and internet mp3 formats, and has since sold a ... read more