• 1.1. fever dream girl
  • 1.2. full circle nightmare
  • 1.3. heartbreak junky
  • 1.4. the rager
  • 1.5. exile rag
  • 1.6. belmont (one trick pony)
  • 1.7. slick & delta queen
  • 1.8. fake magic angel
  • 1.9. bridge city rose
  • 1.10. gold calf moan

craft, kyle

full circle nightmare (mc)

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Ever since his debut album Dolls of Highland was released on Sub Pop in 2016, Kyle Craft has been a critic's dream. Based in Portland, he serves up all the observational, storytelling talent with none of the attitude that so often comes with male singer-songwriter territory. "I've found my place," he says. "I'm not one of those people that approaches music for anyone other than myself. My favorite part about music is when it's just me and a notebook." Speaking of, his second forthcoming album Full Circle Nightmare is entirely autobiographical. Sonically, thematically, lyrically, it's a huge leap forward from his 2016 release. The title Full Circle Nightmare refers to a moment where Craft saw his life for what it is and told himself to be satisfied. ... read more