• 1.1. one evening
  • 1.2. s.d.b.j.
  • 1.3. my own urine
  • 1.4. if you had lips
  • 1.5. 7 vs. 8
  • 1.6. pastoral
  • 1.7. waxeater
  • 1.8. good thing
  • 1.9. tight 'n shiny
  • 1.10. killer mchann
  • 1.11. blockbuster [bonus track]
  • 1.12. bloody mary [bonus track]
  • 1.13. rabid pigs [bonus track]
  • 1.14. starlet [bonus track]
  • 1.15. happy bunny goes fluff-fluff along [bonus track]
  • 1.16. [silence]
  • 1.17. chrome [bonus track]
  • 1.18. killer mchann (live) [bonus track]
  • 1.19. bloody mary (live) [bonus track]

jesus lizard, the

head/pure (remaster/reissue)


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CD in deluxe Digipak with 14" x 20" double sided color folder including never before seen photos, and extensive liner notes by the band and by journalists who were there when it was all happening. CD also includes Pure EP plus 3 bonus tracks. It can be said that the boyish charm of the Jesus Lizard was born in the grooves of HEAD. "The guitars are bracing, bass bruising, drums galloping and vocals sounding as if sung from inside a leather mask. At the time, they called this stuff 'college rock'. If Dinosaur Jr made music that sounded like your brain exploding and Nirvana made music that sounded like your family exploding, the Jesus Lizard sounded like homosapiens exploding-limbs torn asunder, flesh ripped from bone, faces on fire. Yow's shrieks, ... mehr lesen