• 1.1. boilermaker
  • 1.2. gladiator
  • 1.3. the art of self-defense
  • 1.4. slave ship
  • 1.5. puss
  • 1.6. whirl
  • 1.7. rope
  • 1.8. perk
  • 1.9. zachariah
  • 1.10. dancing naked ladies
  • 1.11. [silence]
  • 1.12. wheelchair epidemic [bonus track]
  • 1.13. dancing naked ladies [bonus track]
  • 1.14. gladiator [bonus track]
  • 1.15. boilermaker [bonus track]

jesus lizard, the

liar (remaster/reissue)


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Über diesen Artikel

CD in deluxe Digipak with 14" x 20" double sided color folder including never before seen photos, and extensive liner notes by the band and by journalists who were there when it was all happening. CD also includes 4 bonus tracks. "A lot of great rock music was being made in the early '90s, but the only people who didn't think the Jesus Lizard were the best thing going had never seen or heard them. They were the hardest, the funniest, meanest band of their era. Those that saw the band during this time truly felt messed up for days afterwards. It wasn't just the ringing in your ears, or the cuts, bruises and stains. It was the sheer audacity of four guys who could even imagine rock music like this, let alone execute it. Soak in it. Roll around in it. ... mehr lesen