• 1.1. last night in town
  • 1.2. be invited
  • 1.3. waves
  • 1.4. get lucky
  • 1.5. on the corner
  • 1.6. gunshots
  • 1.7. she was stolen
  • 1.8. blackbird and the fox
  • 1.9. never seen no devil
  • 1.10. the beginning of the end
  • 1.11. dynamite steps
18. Februar 2011
Label: SUB POP
Genre: Rock

twilight singers, the

dynamite steps


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"Whenever you're here, you're alive" are the first words sung on "Dynamite Steps", the fifth album from Greg Dulli's THE TWILIGHT SINGERS collective, and the group's first in five years. THE TWILIGHT SINGERS' previous release, the acclaimed confessional opus Powder Burns, came out in 2006. "Dynamite Steps" is clearly the next chapter, a whole new level of catharsis and progress, evocatively cramming all the highs and lows of the maverick singer-songwriter's past half-decade into unexpected sonic trapdoors. "Shot on location" at various locales significant to Dulli's life, you can hear the sense of place emanating up from the grooves of "Dynamite Steps". Here, the weary nighttime decadence of New Orleans rubs up against the oppressive sunshine of Los ... read more