• 1.1. lost boys
  • 1.2. currents
  • 1.3. bad country
  • 1.4. crooked fingers
  • 1.5. skimming
  • 1.6. down with heaven and hell
  • 1.7. downtown
  • 1.8. the fixer
  • 1.9. dreamhorse
  • 1.10. night walk
  • 1.11. river's edge

still corners

dead blue


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Their third studio album (2 previous albums on Sub Pop), Dead Blue, on 16th September on Wrecking Light Records. Written, recorded and mixed by the sea in England, the finishing touches were made in London. The album chronicles the arrival of a young woman in a new city and explores love, loss and deceit. It's a dark tale of someone out of their depth, looking for beauty and equilibrium but being dragged down by dark forces that she can't control. All songs were written and performed by Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes. The album was mixed by Greg Hughes and mastered by Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound. Q Magazine have confirmed their album review, Mojo and Uncut also, a feature with The Fader is also likely to run around release, features also to run ... read more