• 1.1. only one
  • 1.2. time in the world
  • 1.3. you're so cool
  • 1.4. close to you
  • 1.5. sock it to me
  • 1.6. darkest eyes
  • 1.7. heavy shit
  • 1.8. every boy wants a normal girl
  • 1.9. taxi driver
  • 1.10. number one
22. März 2013
Label: SUB POP
Genre: Indie

green, colleen

sock it to me


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Colleen Green always wears sunglasses onstage. Colleen Green is long hair and getting high. Her first full-length for Hardly Art, "Sock it to Me", is grounded in pure pop. The multi-tracked, emotive vocals take an enormous leap forward, evoking all-time heroes such as Rose Melberg and Tina Weymouth, with every drum-machine-tracked song awash in the dreamy slacker romanticism of California.