• 1.1. about love
  • 1.2. i don't want you
  • 1.3. playboy (don't you play in school)
  • 1.4. i won't be your fool
  • 1.5. it's no news
  • 1.6. wedding bells
  • 1.7. find a quiet place (and be lonely)
  • 1.8. this ain't the way
  • 1.9. i must love you
  • 1.10. still in my heart
  • 1.11. chains of love
  • 1.12. i'm the one who loves you
  • 1.13. i need my baby
  • 1.14. i won't love you and leave you
22. Oktober 2010
Genre: Soul/Funk

davis, melvin

detroit soul ambassador


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One of the most talented, dynamic and prolific artists in the history of Motor City music, Melvin Davis isn't so much a musician as he is a musical force: songwriter, drummer, performer, producer, arranger, label owner. His bands have included everyone from a pre-Temptations David Ruffin to a post-MC5 Wayne Kramer. His drumming helped define the Miracles' Motown smash 'Tears of a Clown', drove the Lyman Woodard Trio's double-sided funk masterpiece 'River Rouge' b/w 'It's Your Thing' and became the stuff of legend on Dennis Coffey's seminal LP "Hair And Thangs". He's the evocative lead vocalist behind the 8th Day's million seller 'You've Got To Crawl (Before You Walk)' and the songwriter who penned JJ Barnes' desperate ode 'Chains of Love'. The genre ... read more