• 1.1. destroyer of the void
  • 1.2. laughing lover
  • 1.3. below the hurricane
  • 1.4. the man who would speak true
  • 1.5. love and hate
  • 1.6. heaven and earth
  • 1.7. dragon's song
  • 1.8. the tree (feat. alela diane)
  • 1.9. evening star
  • 1.10. lover leave me drowning
  • 1.11. the tailor
  • 1.12. sadie

blitzen trapper

destroyer of the void


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It is fitting that ten seconds into Blitzen Trapper's fifth full-length record, front man Eric Earley utters that most sacred of rock 'n' roll tropes: "For to love is to leave or to run like a rollin' stone." As is the case with just about every musician or band that has employed the Blues' greatest simile-Muddy Waters, Hank Williams, Van Morrison, the Temptations, the Rolling Stones-Blitzen Trapper is unabashed in its embrace of tradition. Over the course of their four full-length albums to date, including their revelatory 2008 Sub Pop release Furr, the Portland band has already made that much clear. And, Earley's considerable poetic talents and his band's hard-earned chops have gained them a growing international audience. The band's continuing ... read more