• 1.1. radio sunshine
  • 1.2. charlie's mast
  • 1.3. obsolete format
  • 1.4. the letter song
  • 1.5. perfect popsong
  • 1.6. canal song
  • 1.7. sunny day
  • 1.8. every dream by the popguns
  • 1.9. 17 again
30. April 2021
Genre: Indie

all ashore!

stayin' afloat


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Playful boy/girl twee-pop from the UK that's perfect for those who miss '80s popstars like Fat Tulips & Talulah Gosh. Ah, they just don't make playful twee-pop like this anymore. Well, it's not totally extinct yet (thanks, Tullycraft!), but gone are the delightful days of Fat Tulips, Talulah Gosh, the Haywains, etc... not to forget comparable North American bands, like Cub and Bunnygrunt (before they both abandoned indiepop for powerpop, of course!). Enter All Ashore! (with the exclamation mark a part of the band's name, naturally) - this group of not-so-youngsters hail from the middle of England and contain members of the Parallelograms & Velodrome 2000. And they are determined to put twee-pop back in the charts! Well, maybe not the charts, but at ... read more