• 1.1. tilted arc
  • 1.2. mona lisa
  • 1.3. self portrait
  • 1.4. reason / squalor
  • 1.5. following piece
  • 1.6. harold lauder
  • 1.7. spatial relief
  • 1.8. hang up
  • 1.9. white flower
  • 1.10. metronomic irregularity
30. April 2021
Genre: Indie

according to what

a time you felt insecure around all your friends


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Debut album of '90s-styled fuzzy boy/girl indie rock from Wisconsin / RIYL: Kiddo, Dunebuggy Ooh, this one's tricky to describe! Out of the gate, they remind me a lot of Kiddo, but the more I listen to the record, the more I think fondly of forgotten bands from indie rock's past like Humidifier, Dunebuggy and Moped (and if I wanted to go back even further, I'd also add the Embarrassment). Anyways, the band hail from Madison, WI, and typically exist as a four-piece, though this album was primarily recorded by the band's leader, Luis Perez, and drummer, Etan Heller (with plentiful vocal help from non-member, Mary Begley). Following a digital EP released on their Bandcamp last year, this is their first official release, and it indeed shows great ... read more