• 1.1. built to spill - pat (there is no enemy)
  • 1.2. apse - all mine (climb up)
  • 1.3. sleepy sun - open eyes (fever)
  • 1.4. fursaxa - poplar moon (mycorrhizae realm
17. April 2010
Genre: Rock


atp/r sampler 2010

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Über diesen Artikel

ATP Recordings will be releasing a limited edition EP to celebrate Record Store Day on April 17th featuring tracks from Built To Spill, Apse, Sleepy Sun and Fursaxa. Limited to just 1000 copies worldwide, the 10" will feature tracks from recent and soon to be released albums on ATP/R. Each EP will come with a coded card allowing free downloads of MP3's of the 4 tracks as well as some bonus download only tracks from other ATP Recording artists such as Fuck Buttons (Olympians radio edit), The Scientists (We Had Love), Alexander Tucker (Veins to the Sky), The Drones (River of Tears) and Deerhoof (+81)...