• 1.1. split in two
  • 1.2. crystalline
  • 1.3. this time around
  • 1.4. happening
  • 1.5. quiet place
  • 1.6. mar-a-lago
  • 1.7. tidal wave
  • 1.8. losing myself
  • 1.9. stickeen
  • 1.10. do you know the place?
04. Mai 2018
Genre: Indie

sugar candy mountain

do right

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Über diesen Artikel

Limited Edition blue vinyl, 500 copies only, comes with postcard! Do Right is the followup to Sugar Candy Mountain's critically acclaimed 2016 album, "666". Part travelogue, part response to the current, turbulent climate, Do Right gives voice to the deeply nested anxiety of modern times and attempts to offer a balm. Nature, it seems, is where the band often goes to calibrate its' moral compass so frequently upended by the daily news-cycle. Sugar Candy Mountain invites you to join them on this journey singing "There's a quiet place I go when I need to fifind my way/ There's a quiet place inside/ Come on in just knock and a door will open". Musically, the band remains rooted in 60's and 70's rock, with their signature honey sweet vocals. "Do Right" ... mehr lesen