• 1.1. sunday girls
  • 1.2. when my eyes are closed
  • 1.3. girl with no name
  • 1.4. throw away the day
04. Dezember 2015
Genre: Indie

stringer-hye, peter

sunday girls ep

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Über diesen Artikel

*Limited to 500 copies Peter Stringer-Hye hails from Nashville, TN - a town that is no stranger to music. Having cut his teeth in local garage & psychedelic bands such as D. Watusi & (Trouble In Mind alums) The Paperhead, Stringer-Hye takes a side step, revealing a strong cache of solo material with his debut solo release, the "Sunday Girls" EP. Kicking off with the title track, "Sunday Girls" bops along familiar territory for Stringer-Hye, conjuring up whispers of UK popsike as well as late-Sixties folk & Americana, punctuated by a stinging guitar solo."When My Eyes Are Closed" ends the firstside; a wistful folk-rocker, whose jangling guitars hearken across decades of music from the late Sixties, thru the present day. Side B kicks off with "Girl ... mehr lesen