• 1.1. we'd be home
  • 1.2. if the storms never came
  • 1.3. where i'll find you
  • 1.4. i got what i wanted
  • 1.5. even though
  • 1.6. i didn't know
  • 1.7. go wild
  • 1.8. the push and pull
  • 1.9. pull me up one more time
  • 1.10. wild indifference
  • 1.11. isn't that enough

shelley, joan

joan shelley


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Über diesen Artikel

Joan Shelley's self-titled follow up to her 2015 LP "Over and Even" was recorded at The Loft in Chicago with Jeff Tweedy producing and again features guitarist Nathan Salsburg, this time with Jeff Tweedy, Spencer Tweedy and James Elkington accompanying Shelley on 11 new songs. It's fitting that the set is self-titled. These are, after all, Shelley's most assured and complete thoughts to date, with lyrics as subtle and sensitive as her peerless voice and a band that offers support through restraint and nuance. In eleven songs, this is the sound of Joan Shelley emerging as one of music's most expressive emotional syndicates. To get there, Shelley had a little more help than usual. In December 2016, she headed a few hours north to Chicago, where she and ... mehr lesen