• 1.1. spanish beach
  • 1.2. wait for me
  • 1.3. dream dictionary
  • 1.4. turn off the lights
  • 1.5. nazarene dream
  • 1.6. sos
  • 1.7. paper tiger
  • 1.8. if i don't leave they'll take me away
  • 1.9. the art of giving up
  • 1.10. isabella ocean blue
14. Juli 2017
Genre: Indie

psychic temple

iv (ltd. colored edition)

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Über diesen Artikel

hot pink vinyl, very limited! Records like Psychic Temple IV aren't made anymore. Maybe they never were. There is a magic present that some mistake for "tubes" or "tape" but it's no more complicated than putting the right musicians together with the right songs. Produced and composed by band/cult leader Chris Schlarb, Psychic Temple IV was recorded in Los Angeles over a series of eight large scale sessions. In the spirit of the classic Wrecking Crew sessions for Phil Spector and the Beach Boys, the band was often tasked with recording four songs per session. Vocals were added as soon as the rhythm section tracks were cut with British rock legend Terry Reid, Arlene Deradoorian, and Nedelle Torrisi joining Chris in the studio to work out harmony parts ... mehr lesen