• 1.1. cola
  • 1.2. super sad generation
  • 1.3. sophie
  • 1.4. romantic garbage
  • 1.5. i like.
  • 1.6. second guessing
  • 1.7. george
  • 1.8. angel's song
  • 1.9. paperbacks
  • 1.10. london poem

parks, arlo

super sad generation - german exclusive cyan blue vinyl


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Hot on the heels of their stunning and super succesful debut album proper "Collapsed In Sunbeams", this repress of collected EPs 1 & 2 plus "London Poem" now comes in cyan blue vinyl and is limited to 500 exclusive copies for Cargo Germany. Includes unlimited streaming of all digital tracks from Arlo Parks' first and second EP's, PLUS a free spoken word poem 'London' only available with LP purchase. The artwork sleeve is reverse board black - and includes the 'London' poem written by Arlo Parks. Artwork sleeve both front and back created by Arlo Parks. Includes tracks "Cola" and "Sophie." Sophie' is a song about "crumbling under expectations and feeling helpless, but with a persistent, quiet sense of hope underpinning it". True to form, it's a ... mehr lesen