• 1.1. no evil
  • 1.2. in our tree
  • 1.3. coalmine pony
  • 1.4. kill devil hills
  • 1.5. critical mass
  • 1.6. the 29th bulletin
  • 1.7. devil dog
  • 1.8. triggerman
  • 1.9. hyena
  • 1.10. sancho says
  • 1.11. sail on
  • 1.12. the ace
  • 1.13. l.t.e.c. (deja-vulture blues)
  • 1.14. you lose
  • 1.15. before the flood
  • 1.16. fury on earth
  • 1.17. with trixeene through the mirror, i dream with open eyes


black hole / blank canvas


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After 3 relatively quiet years, the magnificent Motorpsycho strikes again. For the first time since 1998's 'Trust Us', they've gone all the way and are - in cahoots with the Mighty Stickman Label (MSL) - again releasing a huge, sprawling, epic and dark meisterwerk: "Black Hole / Blank Canvas". Recorded and mixed over a 6-week period in Eindhoven's "The Void" studios, this is the first album without their long-time drummer Håkon Gebhardt. Losing Geb after so many years together was a big kick up the old wazoo and helped make this album the fresh and vital Bundle of Joy it became. Having forgone the strings and horns so prevalent on albums like "Let Them Eat Cake","Phanerothyme" and "It's A Love Cult", the instinctive side of Motorpsycho is what's on ... mehr lesen