• 1.1. ambition
  • 1.2. slippin
  • 1.3. all will fall
  • 1.4. don't grow old
  • 1.5. if you dare
  • 1.6. play your part
  • 1.7. i'm all here
  • 1.8. take you down
  • 1.9. a man called song
14. Mai 2021
Genre: Garage

mccann, james & the new vindictives

james mccann and the new vindictives


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Über diesen Artikel

James McCann left his Dirty Skirt Band and is back to business with The New Vindictives. His new spiteful band features Kim Vokman on the bass (X, Ian Rilen and The Love Addicts, Whiskey Priest.), Tim Deane (Ron Peno Band, The Hired Guns) on the guitar and Helen Buckley (Suzie Stapleton) on drums. With this band, James McCann is unbeatable!