• 1.1. introduction
  • 1.2. thief with the silver
  • 1.3. piano (one)
  • 1.4. interalia
  • 1.5. at swim 2 birds
  • 1.6. tarantella
  • 1.7. where the flies sleep
  • 1.8. the standing stone
  • 1.9. aerial
  • 1.10. short was fast
  • 1.11. piano (two)
01. April 2016

jefferies, peter & lonie, jono

at swim 2 birds

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Über diesen Artikel

Re-issued on vinyl for the first time since it's 1987 release, At Swim 2 Birds is a sonically rich and ever expanding collaboration between Peter Jefferies (This Kind Of Punishment) and Jono Lonie. Originally released on Flying Nun Records and then Xpressway - At Swim 2 Birds saw Peter Jefferies (on percussions, piano, tapes etc.) team up with Dunedin folk musician Jono Lonie (synth, guitar and violin) on the instrumental release, one that is at times both pastoral and experimental. Noise ambience, minimalism, piano-scapes, experimental moods, open forms... a homemade instrumental sound related with so many fields, seeking for free combinations among several elements and defending both antithesis and co-existence.