• 1.1. guess i'm fallin' in love
  • 1.2. love man
  • 1.3. oh oh i love her so
  • 1.4. what love is
  • 1.5. love love love love love
  • 1.6. love is all around
  • 1.7. who's drivin' your plane
  • 1.8. dead again
  • 1.9. doesn't matter
  • 1.10. what's that
  • 1.11. murderess in a purple dress
  • 1.12. joe's house

honeymoon killers, the

the loved, the lost and the last


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It exists!!!! "The Loved, The Lost & The Last" is the unreleased until now, sixth and final studio album by New York noise rock band The Honeymoon Killers, originally recorded in 1991. The Honeymoon Killers recorded this album picking up all 3 members of the nascent Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and it meant a sonic evolution to the band in the way to get the original Honeymoon Killers sound adding slicks of Pussy Galore and The Blues Explosion, and it includes covers of Ramones and The Scientists. Artwork by Pauline Teel (Big City Stompers).