• 1.1. two thousand miles
  • 1.2. six years
  • 1.3. big blue
  • 1.4. opposite way
  • 1.5. stubborn man
  • 1.6. it's late
  • 1.7. sail on wild
  • 1.8. put your hands on the right man
  • 1.9. wrong side
  • 1.10. underground, underground
  • 1.11. not only fading out
  • 1.12. the black maps
05. April 2013


off the map

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Über diesen Artikel

LP 180gr 12" in gatefold and CD including. Mit dem Qualitäts-Siegel "engineered, mixed and mastered by Steve Albini". Off the map, H-Burns' fourth album, is an album labeled, engineered, mixed and mastered by Steve Albini. And it's pretty obvious: fourteen tight songs, full-on (faithful to the motto hammered by Albini: "feature it, or fuck it"), carved in eight days, by five people (drums, guitars, keyboards, bass), without ever leaving the studio. After the critical success of "We go way back" and the recent collaboration with Chris Bailey of the legendary Australian band The Saints (Album Bailey / Burns), H-Burns continues on Off The Map to move towards a sound which is less and less harsh, but instead wider and wider. H-Burns dropped the plaid ... mehr lesen