• 1.1. takes one to know one
  • 1.2. close the book
  • 1.3. the parasite
  • 1.4. the creep
  • 1.5. she likes to eat the skin
  • 1.6. the chrysalid
  • 1.7. the widow

graveyard train

takes one to know one [clear vinyl]


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Early this year the band reconvened to inhabit a studio space. Songs came quickly and they walked away from the desk with a new record and realisation that when they were writing, recording and putting on some of the finest live shows around, they were unstoppable. That reinforcement is tattooed on record opener, lead single and title track, akes One To Know One'. It encapsulates both a childish insult and the driving sound of classic Graveyard Train. Repeated listens of the entire LP reveals gems and oddities buried in a sublime, sometimes tortured marriage of country music, stoner rock, classic Graveyard gang vocals, haunting storytelling and the stellar musicianship that dyed-in-the-wool fans of the band have come to expect. With their new record ... mehr lesen