• 1.1. a spell so evil
  • 1.2. the toxic lady
  • 1.3. fear of the dark
  • 1.4. ten foot man
  • 1.5. march of the red cloaks
  • 1.6. rats
  • 1.7. dead man's wax
  • 1.8. hall of the oyster king
  • 1.9. prelude to a duel
  • 1.10. warm blood

glitter wizard

opera villains (ltd)

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Über diesen Artikel

Are they glam? Are they metal? Stoner rock? Psych? Prog? For over a decade, people have been trying to pin down Glitter Wizard but this San Francisco band refuses to be pigeonholed. Pulling influences from the entire heavy rock canon, G Wiz combines scorching guitar riffs and spaced out synths to creates something familiar, yet entirely new and weird. Their latest album, Opera Villains, brings the heat that we've come to expect from the band but adds a layer of dramatism that we haven't heard before.