• 1.1. the slayer
  • 1.2. tremble dragonfly
  • 1.3. i lay there in front of me covered in ice
  • 1.4. you are a jaguar
  • 1.5. iris didn't spell
  • 1.6. crack teeth
  • 1.7. on the captain's side
09. Oktober 2009
Genre: Indie


prince of truth

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Über diesen Artikel

180g Vinyl! Prince Of Truth stays true to Evangelista's uncompromising and compelling combination of delicate coaxing love and wicked cathartic awakening sonic voyage. Evangelista has coalesced around a core trio, with Carla Bozulich and bassist Tara Barnes now joined by keyboardist/sound artist Dominic Cramp. Returning to Montreal and the Hotel2Tango studio where the previous two Evangelista records were made, the new album was co-written by the above trio along with several members of their extended Montreal family.